Which Gate Is The Most Eco-Friendly?

If you’re looking for an automated gate and aren’t sure what sort to get, then picking a material that is sustainable and environmentally friendly would be a good option, such as wood. Not only is this material ‘green’, but aesthetically it also looks great and rustic. It will be a deterrent against intruders, whilst adding sophistication to your property, therefore being both practical and stylish. High quality, sustainable timber is used to make wooden gates that look great, but are also sturdy and durable and carefully built. You could go for a traditional look, or a more elaborate design, depending on your style.


Due to sustainable wood being used, it is a natural choice for a gate material. As it can be recycled it can be mass produced for several uses and therefore a popular option. If you are thinking of improving your property, with new gates and would like a visit and free quotation, call us for all Automatic gates in South Devon.


The Importance Of Maintenance

Nowadays technology is used world-wide, with machinery doing the brunt of the work needed. Due to the simplicity of using doors that are controlled mechanically, sometimes their maintenance is something that is brushed over. It is unusual for these doors to breakdown, but unfortunately it happens occasionally and quite often this is the only time they are actually checked properly.


Despite how simple these doors look; their equipment is quite complicated. This is why they need to be kept well maintained. If this is ignored, the number of issues that can arise can create delays and annoyances, which can be avoided if they are checked regularly. These doors can be replaced if they get damaged but just letting them get to that point can allow problems to develop, which will mean a bigger pay-out financially over time. Anything with machinery should be checked before any malfunctions can happen, which is especially important if people use them often. With this in mind, safety examinations are a must, particularly if there is high traffic going to and fro often. You should make sure any controls installed are checked too, as an automated gate that is controlled by a panel may malfunction if it hasn’t been looked after properly and not let you open the gate. If you need repairs or maintenance on your Electric gates in Plymouth, call us today for a speedy response.


The Advantages Of CCTV

If you are a business owner, you will know how important safety is, especially if you have employees. By using CCTV, it will increase security measures, keeping the business running well and efficiently. Using CCTV will help to discourage vandalism and theft, as well as producing evidence. It will help to keep track of performance and safety of the whole work space. If there are any issues or accidents you will have proof for any insurance that may need claiming, as well as decreasing any premiums, as your business will be a lower risk for security. CCTV will also be good for generally putting your mind at rest.


By having CCTV fitted, any trespassers may get put off just from seeing them, as they won’t want to be on camera, especially if there is CCTV installed on both the interior and exterior. If anything were to happen, then you would be able to provide evidence to the authorities.


As you will be able to monitor your business, you will keep on top of things, giving your management a boost. It will also help to improve production, as your employees will feel more secure and safe coming to work each day. Call us for all Automatic Garage Doors in Torquay.


Advantages Of Automated Bollards

Automated bollards are beneficial in several ways, both residential and commercial.

One of their advantages is how visible they are. Automated bollards are created with bands to keep them visible, as well as the potential to fit LED lights to keep them visible at night.

Due to their parts being motorised, moving is subtle and quiet. They can also detect any potential obstacles which adds to their security. As safety is very important, the security is improved further by having the bollard go back into the ground, if there are any problems with the power. This means there will be no bollards left up due to power cuts, which is a hazard.

Automated bollards are convenient, as you don’t need to leave the car when returning to your property. You can use a remote to control them, so once you’re parked you can then raise them again by pushing a button.

Aesthetically, an automated bollard can have a modern look, which can potentially raise the value of your property.


Overall, many people prefer these to gates, due to how cost effective they are, as you won’t need to pay out a lot of money from damages. They can prevent hazards to your home, due to stopping any cars parking badly and causing accidents. This also means that pedestrians will be safer too, as well as your family and employees. Call us for bollards and Security gates in Torquay.


Common Problems With Garage Doors (And Their Solutions)

If rust is on the door, then it can be simple to rectify. But if it is within the actual machinery then it could become an urgent issue and need replacing. Luckily, depending on the sort of door it is, and how bad the rust is, you may only need to repair the parts that have been affected.


Scratches and dents can be a big issue on the panels if they are large, causing misshaping. This can stop them from opening safely. If the doors are affected badly they may need an area replaced.


If a panel is damaged, then it can cause more issues to the door, and garage. However, the worst problem for a garage door, is if the actual machinery seizes up, such as the springs, or motor. This would likely need replacing, as this will be dangerous to leave if it’s serious. However sometimes the parts might need repairing if the problem is not too severe.


Whatever the worry, if in doubt get an expert to come and have a look at your automatic garage door in South Devon, and put your mind at rest.


Benefits of Automated Gates

The most important factor of a home is feeling safe and secure, which is why automated gates for many, are on top of their lists. It can be the main protection between themselves and any intruders that may come by.


This type of security is highly popular, most seeing it as a necessity to help protect their property and families. Any unknown visitors will be faced with an intimidating deterrent, discouraging them and sending them on their way.


The convenience of an automated gate means you don’t have to worry about closing them manually as you can control them yourselves. Which means if it’s raining you have the luxury of closing them from the comfort of your lounge! For a free quote on an Automatic Garage door in Torbay call today.


UK safety standards

There are quite a number of safety standards in the UK relating to the manufacture and Installation of Automated and electric gates, some of them are listed below from the Government HSE website:


  • BS EN 13241-1 Is the Product Standard for Automated & Electric gates
  • BS EN 12604 & BS EN 12605 on the technical requirements and testing
  • BS EN 12453 & BS EN 12445 on the requirements and tests for Electric gates
  • BS EN 12635 on the installation of Electric gates
  • BS EN 12978 on the safety devices for Automated gates
  • BS EN 60335-2-103 on the mechanisms for household electric and similar gates
  • BS EN 60335-2-95 on power drives for residential vertically moving garage doors


These UK safety standards are put in place to help with the safety of Automated Gates, however it is not just about the individual components making up the product, but also about the way they installed together to fit a particular property, and what is done over time to maintain their safety.


They also note that at all times an electric gate must respond in a safe way when any person uses it. The Automated gate design must take into account that unforeseen circumstances that may occur outside normal use, such as extreme weather and children playing on them, as well as normal wear and tear, wind and rain, snow and other debris that can impair function.


That is why it is imperative that your installer should be fully qualified and registered to carry out such work.